July 28th, 2006


A Few Results Already...

Just returned home from applying for a desk clerk position at the Residence Inn, and found a card on my door from a representative of the Department of Social Services. I called her back, and she said she'll be here to ask a few questions of Andrew and me around 1:00/1:30pm this afternoon. I had told them on the phone yesterday about what he has told me, my mom, and the psychiatrist at the mental health clinic Wednesday, concerning how the ex used to hit him, make his lip bleed, and how her boyfriend(s) used to hit him with belts. Going to put off the job search for the rest of the day, because I need to go pick him up from the Boys Club before the lady gets here...
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The Visit.

The lady from DSS came by. She interviewed Andrew by himself first, then me. She said she hopes they will let her primarily handle the case, and not the office closest to the ex in Baton Rouge, because she said down in south Louisiana, they are severely "backed up" and may not get to anything for months. She also asked Andrew to lift his shirt to check for any bruises, but as he told her, any bruises put there by the ex or her boyfriends have all cleared up by now. She said if I haven't heard back from her within a month, to call her back. She also gave me the name of a local MD for Andrew that takes Medicaid, because, even though she admitted she's not a doctor, she thinks he may at least need medication for ADD before school starts. She might have a point, since he does have trouble sometimes focusing on one thing for long periods of time.

She was a very nice person. Although, for some reason, while looking at her, all I could think to myself was, "Yeah, I'd hit it!"...
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