July 26th, 2006



I'll be taking Andrew for his screening appointment at 1:30pm to the Monroe Mental Health Clinic, to possibly start the follow-up therapy sessions the "Lillian Louise Behavioral Health Hospital" recommended. They called yesterday to remind me of his appointment, and to bring my original divorce papers (which took me ages to dig up), so they can confirm I have authority to enroll him there. First time in ages I actually read those papers... yes, it was printed in black & white (with an imprinted seal at the bottom of the page) that the ex and I were awarded "joint custody" of Andrew, so I guess that would give me authority for anything concerning him, especially since the ex "abandoned" him two months ago.

The woman that called yesterday asked exactly why I was seeking therapy for him, and I said it was only because the "Lillian Louise" place in Bastrop (the woman said they have obtained his records from there) recommended it. I told her he ran out of the medications they prescribed for him there about a week and a half ago, and I haven't noticed any "changes" in his demeanor, he's just acting like a typical 12 year old still. She asked was he sleeping well, eating well, and inquired about his energy level. I said, yes, he was eating and sleeping well, and very energetic, and that personally, both my mom and I think he may not need any further treatments, since he's now in a stable environment, but we were going to let the experts be the actual judges.
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We've returned from Andrew's appointment. The doctor asked Andrew all kinds of questions about his time with his mother, like how he was treated, etc. After the evaluation, the doctor came to the determination that Andrew really didn't need any counseling or medications, since it appeared to him that my mom and I are providing Andrew with some stability, which he never had while living with the ex. Although, if I noticed any behavioral problems later, to contact them again. He also gave me the number for child protective services, told me to call them (it'll have to be tomorrow, they close at 4pm), explain the situation, and tell them he has been evaluated by Monroe Regional Mental Health, and for them to request their evaluation. The doctor said that would set in motion for me to possibly retain permanent custody of Andrew from the ex, which he thinks would be the best thing for him. The doctor seemed certain that, since Andrew hasn't caused any major problems since being here with me, that the earlier problems, if there actually were any, were the result of instability while living with the ex. He said he didn't see any major reasons in the paperwork from "Lillian Louise Behavioral Health" for Andrew to have been admitted there in the first place. My guess is that "Lillian Louise" (a privately owned clinic) only admitted him to collect money from the state Medicaid program. The "Monroe Regional Mental Health Clinic" is run by the state, so is not quite so "money hungry".
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