July 6th, 2006


No more stint

Andrew and I just returned from Conway Hospital for the follow-up to his wrist injury. They didn't x-ray this time, the doctor said since it's no longer swollen or hurting, and he can move the wrist easily now, he can stop wearing the wrist stint, unless it starts to pain him again. His appointment was for 8:40am, he finally got called back at 9:55am. Gotta love the state-run hospitals, don't ya?

Didn't have enough coffee before I left, so I brewed another pot, then put a load of clothes in the washer. Andrew just cooked himself some bacon and eggs. He doesn't like the way I cook them... but since he knows how to cook his own, the way he likes them, I usually let him. :-)
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    Andrew's "Madagascar" game in the next room