July 3rd, 2006


Never Realized How Difficult to be a Parent

I don't think I mentioned that Andrew was caught with some Boy's Club property in his backpack the other day, then kicked the supervisor in the shin when confronted about it. He has been suspended from there till Wednesday. If something happens like that again, they said they won't allow him back. I told him if it happens again, the TV, satellite receiver, and VCR are coming out of his room for two months, as punishment (my dad took away my electronics when I did something bad once, and I never did anything to cause him to do it again!).

This morning my mom and I are taking him back over to LSU E.A. Conway Hospital, to see about setting him up with their mental health counselors, since we still haven't heard from the counseling place on Stubbs Avenue in Monroe, and he's running low on medications (no more refills), and the regular doctor he saw last week there for his arm said he doesn't need to be suddenly removed from one of them.
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Albert's Place

You think you've known someone all your life, and then...

you discover you have a certain female "cousin" (in quotes because we aren't blood relatives) in the family that is just as big a coont as the ex-wife was...

EDIT: For details, read the "Comments" section, I explained everything to the first person that commented... my apologies to moo for my extended rant in my reply to her. ;-)
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