July 2nd, 2006


It's NOT Music, it's NOISE!

My son likes modern crap music. I don't consider it "music", I consider it "annoying racket". Just proves any talentless hack can get a recording contract nowdays.

/would rather hear fingernails on a chalk board...
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Just Wasted $3.39 + tax...

My son was given an old, inexpensive 35mm film camera by my cousin. He wanted film for it. I bought film for it. Being it's been over a decade since I've loaded a film camera, and there was no accompning manual with said camera, I managed to rewind what little bit of film that was sticking out of the film cartridge back into the cartridge, thus, now I'm no longer able to thread the camera. Open the cartridge, ruin the film... Andrew will just have to settle for "pretending" to take pictures with that camera. I'm not buying another roll of film... my finances are a bit tight now as is...
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