June 23rd, 2006



They wanted us at work so early this morning to do some "fronting" of shelves and straightening up in the store before the official "grand re-opening" ceremony. After that, we three guys that were working the "warehouse" had to go back there to do more cleaning out of the building. Around lunch time, all the "temporary remodel" employees had a short meeting with the manager. He just said he would be meeting with each of us on an one-on-one basis, to let us know of our long-term employment status, if any (only 4 of the 20 or so nighttime remodelers got hired permanent). Since the warehouse crew wasn't in the store, he said he would get with us tomorrow. He wants us to come in at 8:00am in the morning to finish up the cleaning out of the old KMart building, which we have been using as our warehouse, because tomorrow is the last day on the lease. I told the manager I wasn't sure if I could find someone to watch Andrew on such short notice, being no one thought I'd have to work tomorrow, but my mom is currently trying to make arrangements with someone. He said if I can make it, go ahead and show up. If she can't find anyone, she said she'll take the day off to watch him, since tomorrow is a very "important" day because of finding out my long-term status at Wal-Mart.

This will make a 6-day work week for me...today was a loooonnnggg day...5:30am-4:45pm...
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