June 19th, 2006


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Today starts the last official week of "remodel" at Wal-Mart. "Grand Opening" is set for June 23 (Friday). Most of the "major" stuff is completed, just little nit-picky things are left to do. Me and the other "warehouse guys" will probably be getting the old KMart building emptied out and cleaned up this week, because Wal-Mart's lease on it is about up. The suspense is killing me as to whether or not I'll be one of the people hired for "remodel" that they will keep on as a permenant employee... should be finding out very soon...
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No word yet as to whether or not I'll be hired permanent, and the remodel is officially over at the end of this week. I'm not listed on next weeks schedule, but then again neither are any of the others hired for the "remodel". Still keeping my fingers crossed though.

Finally after waiting several months, I got a letter pertaining to the most recent postal exam I took (they said at the test we'd hear something within 3-4 weeks, I took the test in November). I kept thinking I failed it, but turns out, I "squeaked by"... making a score of 71.6. I'm now on the list for the West Monroe, Chatam, and Simsboro locations, for a possible job as a rural letter carrier, until 2008.
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