June 13th, 2006



Woke up a little after 12am last night violently ill at my stomach. No idea what caused it, but it took me forever to get back to sleep. I'll be a walking zombie all day at work...
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Andrew's 4-wheeler priviledges and the TV for his room have been put on hold for an unknown period of time. He has always liked keys, even at a very early age, and he found my spare set of house keys shortly after his arrival here. He put them on a keyring attached to a Boy's Club strap he wore around his neck, along with recently one of the two supplied 4-wheeler keys. Well, he has misplaced said keyring. We retraced his steps from early this morning, to my dropping him off at Aunt Mary's, to the Boy's Club, to mom's car (she picked him up from there today)... the keys are NOWHERE to be found. I have literally turned this house upside down since getting home from work, also drove to the Boy's Club (they said he didn't have them with him), back to my Aunt Mary's (she said she didn't recall him having them when arriving there this morning either, both her, Uncle Floyd, and my cousin Shelly looked for them though, just in case). If they don't turn up within a couple of days, part of the money I WAS going to spend to get him a TV for his room will now have to go on buying two new locks for the doors affected by the key loss. He will no longer have keys to the house until he's 16 also!

Oh, and before you ask, me, mom, and Aunt Mary checked our vehicles... keys aren't there either...
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