June 11th, 2006

Albert's Place

TV in Son's Room

I think, since there aren't any major bills out of this next paycheck, I'm going to get Andrew set up with a television in his room. I can get a 20" television at Wal-Mart for around $89. Called Dish about a second satellite receiver, the cheapest they were offering was $49 as a "lease" option. Checked Radio Shack, I can just go there and purchase one outright for $99, which would be cheaper in the long run than leasing. I can run the cabling myself, since the dish already has a dual output LNB. I can also hook up the required phone jack in the room (it currently has none) and get an additional DSL line filter. This way, I can watch the news when I get home from work (don't get to watch it much now), and he can watch Cartoon Network. I can't keep up much on current events by watching "Ben 10"...
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