June 10th, 2006


What Hath Larry Wrought?

My mom's old boyfriend Larry, who she still gets along with even though they are no longer together(guess because she knew him even before her and my dad met), bought Andrew a 4-wheeler. Larry was dating my mom back when Andrew was younger, and Andrew considers him as an "uncle". He was never able to have children himself, because he had polio as a child, and he thinks the world of Andrew. The 4-wheeler is one designed for children Andrew's age, so is smaller than the regular ones. Larry, bringing his own 4-wheeler, is supposed to come back later today and take Andrew to the dirt trails on the property behind my house and show him everything about the machine. He also bought Andrew a helmet for safety.

Me personally, I know nothing about operating those things... never cared much for them...I've been the "indoorsy" type most of my life...

EDIT: Egad! Larry must have had money burning a hole in his pocket... after TT&L, the thing cost $1,950! Just looked at the sales slip, which he gave us with the 4-wheeler...
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