June 3rd, 2006


Random Randomness...

I mailed off a new Medicaid form for Andrew this morning. Since he's living with me now, I want to make sure the coverage continues, so I thought it best to send in a form under my name, since I'm sure my income, etc., varies from that of the ex. I needed to make a copy of a recent paycheck stub to mail with it, but got off work so late yesterday, the place I usually go to make copies, the library, had already closed for the day. Then luckily, I remembered hearing someone say once that you could get copies made at Office Depot, just a block from the library, so I went there. They were even 2¢ cheaper than the library. Not that 2¢ amounts to much nowadays.

I know you're probably thinking, "Why didn't the doofus just scan the paycheck stub and print it out?"... My answer: "I haven't had any ink in my printer in nearly 6 months...inkjet cartridges cost more than diamonds!!" I don't do a whole lot of printing anyway...

Got today and tomorrow off. Got some cleaning catch-up to do. Currently have a load of clothes in the washer, and after they finish, they go in the dryer and the bed linens will go in the washer. Then, I need to wash dishes, and finally get around to scrubbing the bathtub/shower. Bought some of that Easy Off "Bam" to try out on it, and some rubber gloves and sponges. It definitely needs a scrubbing!

Andrew is currently in the living room watching Cartoon Network. He's been watching cartoons so much since getting here, I haven't been able to watch the news in nearly 2 weeks! Next payday, I'm going to try (and I emphasize the word "try") to get him a cheap 20" television and an extra Dish receiver for his room. Found out I can get an extra "basic" receiver from Dish for just $49.95. Since the Dish already has a dual output LNB, I can run the cabling myself.
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Cleaning Day

Today, I officially started the MAJOR housecleaning I've been needing to do since Andrew got here. Spent the day washing clothes, curtains, and dishes, cleaning kitchen counters, and scrubbing the bathtub/shower. Tomorrow I "dust"...
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