June 1st, 2006



Took Andrew to the hospital last night because of the persistant coughing mentioned in a previous post. He was prescribed one of those Albuterol inhalers, to use "every 4 hours, or as needed". Good thing that was covered by Medicaid also... I'm flat broke until I get my paycheck later today... and already have three bills that need paying...

/gonna be fun going to work this morn' after only about three hours sleep
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Albert's Place

Andrew Behind The Lens

Andrew is very good with electronic things I've discovered, so I let him use my Kodak DX3500 digital camera when he wants. Unfortunately, he chooses to use it exclusively with the "macro" on, so he can see what he is taking a picture of through the LCD screen instead of the viewfinder, thus the grainy, out of focus pics you see below (condensed and cropped a bit for the internets)...

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