May 30th, 2006


Morning Updates...

This morning my mom is taking Andrew over the river and through the woods to get him set up for the twice a week counceling that the behavioral hospital recommended he have. Luckily it'll be covered by his Medicaid, since I'm not making NEAR enough money to pay for something like this! Also, she is going to find a regular doctor for him that accepts Medicaid, so we can get his occassional coughing seen about. He has fairly bad asthma (takes that from his mothers side of the family), is taking prescription medicines for it, but still gets in a bad coughing fit a few times a day, which he said didn't happen when in Baton Rouge. It could just be this house. I really need to clean the floors and the dust off the shelves, but just can't find the time. After work, especially since I've been working a lot of "overtime" the past week and yesterday, I'm just too darn tired to even move.

Mom is taking him Saturday to meet my Aunt Mary, who lives just down the road. Starting next week, Andrew will be staying with her days at least temporarily while mom and I are at work, until we find a regular sitter. Aunt Mary doesn't work, so she was a good choice. Maybe while they are there visiting, and I'm off that day, it will give me a little time to get at least some of the housecleaning done I need to do!

Well, need to sign off now. Need to get Andrew over to moms house so I can leave for work... more updates later...
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Evening Update.

Mom got Andrew set up for his counseling sessions today. Also, she signed him up at the local "Boys Club" to help him meet others his age, and give him plenty of activities during the day. It only costs $40/week, and includes lunch. The place he'll be going for his counceling will pick him up from the Boys Club for his appointments, and return him afterwards. This is the current daytime plan for him to be watched over starting next week, when mom goes back to work: I drop him by Aunt Mary's house when I leave for work at 6:30am... Aunt Mary takes him to the Boys Club when they open for the day... and either mom or I go pick him up from the Boys Club before 5:30pm, depending on who gets off work the earliest (I've had to work "over" a lot lately).

We may hit a "snag" in this plan, however, if Wal-Mart keeps me on regular after their remodel (which I'm hoping they do!) which ends in the middle of June. I know I'll no longer be off weekends, and my shift may change entirely, since, when I applied for work, I put down that I'd be available at all hours. Mom said we'll "cross that bridge when we get to it".
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