May 23rd, 2006

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Update to yesterday's post

Well, my mom went and picked Andrew up from "Lillian Louise Behavioral Hospital" in Bastrop today while I was working. He's doing fine, and he's a lot taller than I remembered! Turns out the ex has been living in Baton Rouge the past few months, she is no longer with the guy from Nebraska. She has two other kids, a boy and a girl. The reason given that she admitted my son to a behavioral hospital this close to my mom and I was that he supposidly threw his half-sisters birthday cake in a ditch, and the ex doesn't want him to take care of anymore, so he would be nearby for us to pick up. No problem there. The behavioral hospital says he'll need counseling two times a week, but gave my mom the names of two local places that provide that service. The hospital stay was covered by Medicaid, so no charge there. Bad thing, we don't have his Medicaid card or number, and he needed four prescriptions today, which mom went ahead and got filled, for the tune of a little over $500 total! Andrew knew the ex-bitches cell phone number, so my mom is going to call her later to see if she can mail it to us, along with his birth certificate and Social Security card. Reason I don't call her myself, there are too many bad things I'd like to call her!

While at work, I was wondering what would keep a 12 year old boy entertained, and Raymond, my current supervisor, said his grandkids are around Andrew's age, and they like video games. Luckily, I still have that GameCube with the "Metroid Prime" game I bought, then gave up on about 2½ years ago after not getting past the third level after 6 months. As of this post, he has already found more of the items needed to get through the game than I did after trying for half a year! He even knew right off how to hook the machine into the TV.

I'll post more information as it becomes available, for example, the types of "legalities" I may persue against the ex, but for now, the most recent picture I have of my son:

UPDATE: The Medicaid card, Social Security Card, and birth certificate should be in the mail to me shortly.
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