May 22nd, 2006


Am I About To Become A Single Parent? At My Age??

When I returned home from work today, my caller-ID was blinking, and the name read "Lillian Louise". The name sounded familiar, from ads on KTVE-10. I got to thinking it must be a wrong number. It wasn't. I played the message on the answering machine (which apparently had a bug yesterday), it was a guy from "Lillian Louise Behavioral Health Hospital" in Bastrop, saying my son Andrew had been discharged over the weekend, and needed to be picked up. My first thought was "WTF?!?" The guy went on to say on the message that my ex-wife REFUSED to come pick him up. Once again, another "WTF?!?" went through my head.

I tried calling back after getting the message, but the receptionist lady said the party I needed to speak to was gone for the day, and could they call me back before 4pm tomorrow. I said I work till 4pm, and can't really afford to take time off, especially since just recently finding employment after so long without it, and it might not look good for me to be taking off this soon anyway, since Wal-Mart really hasn't decided which of us "remodelers" they will be keeping on a regular basis after the remodel is finished. I'm wanting to make the best impression with the bosses that I can. The woman asked if I had a cell phone, of course my answer was "No". Wouldn't use one enough to pay for the thing. So... my mom agreed to take tomorrow off from her postal job (she has time built up and will still get paid), and I instructed the woman at "Lillian Louise" to call my mom's house tomorrow to discuss things. All I can say is, if they want any money for his stay there from ME, they will be highly disappointed. I'm barely making ends meet after buying food and paying bills. They'll have to get it from the ex-bitch, not me, after all, SHE'S the one that put him there!

I have a few questions however:

1) How the fark did he get in a "Behavioral Hospital" in Bastrop, about 30 miles from here, when last I heard he was with her "somewhere" in the state of Nebraska?!?

2) How long has he been at that place, and if she was having problems with his behavior, why didn't she contact me or my mom FIRST, before putting him somewhere like that?!?

3) Where the fark is SHE living now, to have put him in a hospital 30 miles from where I live?

4) My mom came up with a good question: "If Andrew comes to live here, can I make the ex-bitch start paying ME child support? And if she doesn't pay, can we get her locked up?"

5) Any way to get very cheap/free sitters for children, since I can't afford to pay any, and I'm not sure I have any relatives up to the task? I don't even know yet, if hired regularly at Wal-Mart, what my actual shift will be or what days/nights I'll have off...

I may know the answers to some of these questions sometime soon. I'll try to keep everyone posted. I have the feeling I'll need the services of an attorney before all of this is settled... can't afford one of those either, and the attorney that handled my divorce, Sam Henry, has been billing himself as "The Bankruptcy Attorney" the past few years...
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