March 28th, 2006


MySpace Predators

Stories like THIS tend to make my skin crawl. Because of that, I'm making a regular habit lately of turning in "suspect" profiles I run across while browsing for interesting people in my area on that website. When I'm searching for people I think will be good to have as a friend, I don't want KIDS showing up in my search, especially when I put my search criteria ages as between 25-100.

Today, while browsing, I found at least 30 people listing their age as between 63-101, and after viewing their profile, discovered they were still high schoolers. I collected all the suspect profile URL's and reported them HERE. I have done this before, and gotten replies back that the profiles I submitted to them have been deleted. When kids lie about their age on the web, they leave themselves open to all sorts of dangers. I don't want to see anyone hurt, so if they are lying about their age, they don't need a "MySpace Profile".

Should "MySpace" be paying me a bit for policing their website?
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Random Thought

If they kept so much outakes/retakes from the "Elvis 1968 Comeback Special"... why didn't they keep the same from other TV shows in that era?
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