March 22nd, 2006


More Old "Obscure" Family Photos

From a recently discovered cigar box full of old photos that used to belong to my grandmother Martha Sims (my dad's mother), here are a few "random scans", all but one from back before my dad met my mother...

My grandmother Martha Sims standing in the kitchen of my grandparents house in a rare color photo in December 1958.

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Spot The "Non-Stuffed" Animal

Just kidding on that post title. It seems my cat Eastwood likes sleeping around other stuffed toys that were left here by the ex-wife when she got custody of my son and moved far away. The cat has adopted the bedroom I slept in as a child, and my son slept in while here, hense the ex and I were in the room formerly occupied by my parents, my son had my old room. (Yes, this ol' house was handed down to me after my dad passed on.)

Eastwood carries that stuffed "Kermit" around the house on a regular basis, by the neck, and "throat wise"....
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