March 15th, 2006

webcam time lapse

More is always nice...

If you possess a "Paid Account", you now have double the userpics than before, plus more to be added soon based on how long you've had a paid account.

UPDATE: Holy Crap, Batman! Appears my "retroactive" userpic allotment just kicked in... think I need to get to work on some more userpics!

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Random Thought

The only thing more annoying than the ex-wife are people who act like if they don't have a cell phone constantly glued to their ear, they will keel over dead.

/can't count the number of times almost been hit by some asshat using one while driving
//generally annoyed seeing those asshats walking around the store yapping while shopping
///is all in favor of jamming cell phones... right up their arses!
////crankier than usual this week for some reason
/////five slashies... I'M OUT!
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