January 20th, 2006


Yaaa For Google!

It appears Google is looking out for our rights online by NOT handing over customer search records that were subpoenaed by the government. This illegitimate administration claims they want the records to try to stem child pornography, but we know their real agenda is to be looking over our shoulders at everything we do, just like the "chimp-in-chief" authorizing those illegal phone wiretaps. I had a feeling this country's rights would start being eroded if a religious nut ever got in office. You notice I said "got in office", instead of using the word "elected". This nut was never "elected" to begin with. He got in the first time because of his dad's "friends" on the Supreme Court, and the second time by having friends with the largest voting machine manufacturer in the country, Diebold.

/end of rant

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