December 23rd, 2005



A couple of years ago, the "Comcrap" owned station "G4" bought the TechTV network from Paul Allen, only reason, to get that lame assed "gaming network" into more households. They then "gutted" TechTV, by cancelling all the good shows, like "Call For Help", "Fresh Gear", and "The Screen Savers". Leo Laporte started going to Canada to be in "Call For Help" for Rogers Media. It is being aired in Australia on the "How To" network, and in Canada on a channel still called "G4TechTV". The US "G4" decided a few months ago to air the Canadian version, but with months old episodes (not good for a tech show), and to air it at 6am every day. Not surprisingly, they are dropping it again at the first of the year, because of "low ratings". Guess I'll have to stick to the "bittorent" to watch it... not too bad since I have DSL and a DVD player that plays DIVX files, so I can burn up to three episodes on a CD-R and watch them on the television.... watching long video on a computer screen is a know...small....
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    "Call For Help" on a CD-R