December 22nd, 2005


Soreness In The Morning

I'm predicting my body will be achy and stiff tomorrow as a result of what I did today. I aquired a "real" computer desk, to replace that old kitchen table I was using that used to belong to my grandmother. Being the desk is smaller than the table, I decided to move the computer from the "spare room", to the living room, so all my electronics will be in the same room. I had to make space though, so I moved the bookcase I had all my DVD's on into the other room. To make room for the bookshelf, I finally moved the old broken recliner in that room outside under the carport, to haul off later. I moved all my computer components onto the new desk (the monitor, CPU, scanner, keyboard, mouse, and printer), and spent a couple of hours hooking things back up....

Frankly, I'm pooped....
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