December 19th, 2005

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Word of Advice

If you need to go to Wal-Mart between now and Christmas, my advice is... DON'T! The place was literally packed with people. Couldn't go down an isle without running into someone. Had to park WAYYYYY out near the road. Had to get some grub for the house though, the cabinets were nearly bare. If Eastwood hadn't have needed food, I might have went to Brookshires or Harvest Foods, but since he was out of Fancy Feast and Whiskas treats, Wal-Mart was the cheapest option.

While there, I made my usual "impulse" purchases. Bought the DVD of "Airplane", and a desk microphone for the PC. I was chatting with a friend on Skype the other evening, and figured a desk mic would be handier than using a headset. Just hooked it up and tested it, it seems to work well. It is the same brand as the headset I have, a Labtec.

Well, now I'm going to head to the living room, eat the chicken I picked up at Popeyes, and see what's on TV before later watching "Airplane".
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While Away...

While I was in the other room watching "Airplane!", and the version on the DVD with deleted scenes and interviews inserted at various points in the film, I got one of those unsolicited messages over Yahoo messenger...

"[18:04] caring_michelle_orleans262: woow i could see ur living room its nice
[18:07] caring_michelle_orleans262: mr albert u have a nice appt
[18:08] caring_michelle_orleans262: hello i have glance through all ur pics they are all nice now but i still care to have a chat with u"

First word to come to mind was, "appt?!?" Think it must be short for "apartment" in some way... then I thought, "apartment?!?"...
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