December 9th, 2005


Darn False Positives

After booting the computer this morning, my anti-virus went out and downloaded the updates I have it set to check for daily. Almost immediately afterward, it deleted "mirc.exe", referring to it as "W32.IRCFlood trojan". My first thought was, "WTF?!?"

So, out of curiosity, I check out the mIRC forums. Turns out it happened to a couple of other people also. One person emailed Computer Associates, the antivirus vendor that was flagging it as a trojan, and got a reply. In this latest update, the software was having "mirc.exe" show up as a "false positive", meaning, somebody at CA goofed in the latest virus definitions. As suggested, I added "mirc.exe" to the programs "Exclusion" list, then re-downloaded and re-installed mIRC.

Needless to say, it's a pain in the tookus when something like this happens...
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Decided to sit in front of the 'puter for awhile for a change, but everyone seems to be "Away"... guess I'll migrate back to the living room and re-watch some DVD's...
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