December 8th, 2005


Just Because Everyone Else Seems To Be Doing It...

Year in Review Meme

Post the first sentence or so from the first entry or so from every month of this year.

January: The temperature has been unusually mild here the past 4 days or so.

February: Damn insomnia....

March: I don't think I should have eaten that huge plate of spaghetti and those two Little Debbie fudge brownies... feel like I'm about to "explode".....

April: If you remember the Hilton hacked cellphone earlier, that was nothing! Go HERE for over 200 more celebrity numbers!

May: Arrgghhhh......I've got THIS coming up tomorrow morning.

June: Am I the only one that thinks Dr. Jan C. Garavaglia is a "hottie"?

July: For the first time in nearly three weeks, it is raining a bit outside.

August: A headline writer on described Louisiana as: "the most polluted, uneducated, corrupt state in the union". All I could think after reading that was that it is the most accurate description of the state I have ever read!

September: They keep talking about patching the levees and "rebuilding New Orleans". That concept is stupid on so many levels. The place is BELOW sea level people!

October: Wonder when/if they are going to put out the old Showtime series, "It's Garry Shandling's Show." on DVD?

November: If you read this post I made Saturday concerning the mailing I got for the post office exam for a job in Ruston, well, today, I got another mailing from the post office for an exam for the Monroe post office (had signed up for both places a few months ago on the "Louisiana Works" website).

December: I just added my favorite local news anchor to this online list.

So how was your year?
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