December 6th, 2005


New Clothes

Finally "broke down" and bought some new clothes while I was out today. First new clothes I've bought in over three years. It was a bit of a necessity though, because the one pair of jeans I had that still fit me well were getting a might "pale" looking, and I had NO long sleeved shirts that fit me anymore, and the weather has been getting cooler (down to 25°F last night) the past few days. Also bought a 5-pack of T-shirts.

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Five Facts About Me 2: Electric Boogaloo

1.) I have never used or even held a cell phone.
2.) I only buy new clothes when absolutely necessary.
3.) I haven't had sex since 1998.
4.) My first major "celebrity crush" was Pam Dawber.
5.) I haven't been inside a movie theater since 1995.
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    Leo Laporte and the TWiTs - TWiT 33: Surrounded by TWiTs