November 23rd, 2005


Boot... Update... Reboot...

Don'tcha just love it when you boot up your computer, and a few minutes later windows pop up informing you of software updates that require you to reboot after installing? Happened this morning... had to download updates to Zone Alarm AND Microsoft AntiSpyware, both which required a reboot before becoming active.
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CD Rot?

I've read numerous articles over the years about "CD rot, where CD's deteriate over the years, but I have no real evidence yet myself, except for ONE DVD I had to repurchase because it would no longer play. Currently sitting here with a compact disc I bought at the same time I bought my first CD player in 1984, a little over 21 years ago, and it still sounds like the day I bought it. The CD in question is "The Police: Synchronicity", on the A & M label. Back then, record stores had mostly LP's and cassettes, with a small CD section in the back corner, and the CD's were packaged in large cardboard outer packaging or a two tier hard plastic package to prevent shoplifting...
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