October 26th, 2005



Is this "wrong number day" or something? Got home a few minutes ago from re-applying at Wilstaff and Fairfield Inn, and there were two calls listed on my caller-ID, both apparently wrong numbers... this after nearly a week of no calls at all. One was listed as "McComb Public Schools", with a 601 area code, and the other was listed as "Marcus W Cain" with a 225 area code. They were both definitely wrong numbers, I don't know anyone in McComb, Mississippi, nor have I ever heard of a Marcus W Cain in Baton Rouge. Neither left a message on the answering machine.
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3D or Not 3D, That Is The Question

I've been watching "I Love The 80's 3D" the past few nights on VH1, and wondering, if you had those special glasses they made available for the show, IF it would actually look like 3D. The picture doesn't look much different watching it "normally", except for a little heaviness in the "contrast" levels.
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