September 26th, 2005


Not As Bad As Predicted or Expected

A couple hours after Saturday's post about the wind, rain, and ceiling leak, things started to improve weather wise. Around 5pm, it stopped raining, but the wind was still pretty strong. Wind then died down later in the evening. Woke up Sunday to a sunny, dry day with no wind whatsoever. We still didn't get enough rain for this near-drought area though, because, one day after the weather, the grass was back to being crunchy while walking on it, and no standing water in the ditches or the holes in the driveway. Apparently the worst of Rita skipped us, as did the worst of Katrina (we got practically NO wind OR rain from the latter). Appears the worst of Rita jumped over northeast Louisiana and hit desireemichelle next door in Mississippi instead.
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Bad Cam?

Methinks my Logitech Quickcam Pro 3000 is about to die. Every few minutes the picture gets so dark, barely anything is visible, then after awhile, it will go back to normal...been happening a few days now. Checked the cables, re-installed the drivers, checked for updated drivers (there were none), so assuming it must be hardware failure.

You'd think if you spend nearly $100 for one of those things, it should last longer than three years! The Intel PC cam I bought in 2000 is STILL working strong! Too bad Intel quit making them.
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