September 23rd, 2005


Lovely Rita Meter Maid Hurricane

Why is it, with yet another major hurricane about to hit near or at the Louisiana gulf coast, only thing I can think of, is I hope we get some freggin' rain from the thing? This area of northeast Louisiana has been in a drought all summer... we only got a "couple" of drops of rain from Katrina... the grass in my yard sounds like Rice Crispies™ when I walk on it, mostly brown and dry... the big oak in the front yard has been a bit sad looking also... needs rain!
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Looks Like Rain

Looks like, after about three months of a drought in this area, we may finally be about to get some significant rainfall, if the way the weather is already shaping up is any indication. Rita hasn't even hit land yet and it is clouding up and getting breezy outside. For this area of northeast Louisiana, they are predicting rain all weekend, and wind from the east tomorrow afternoon at around 20-30 mph. Hopefully it'll cool things off!

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Why do the news networks send skinny women into hurricane zones... looks like Alicia Acuna is about to be blown away?
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