September 1st, 2005

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Humans are Stupid

They keep talking about patching the levees and "rebuilding New Orleans". That concept is stupid on so many levels. The place is BELOW sea level people! You start rebuilding, who's to say the same thing won't happen again in a year or two? Best solution is to get everyone out of there, knock down the rest of the levees, and let the place fill up... then we'll have "Lake New Orleans". If everyone wants a city of New Orleans... relocate it to higher ground, like Kansas or Nebraska, they have plenty of space for it! As for the port, move it slightly north, around Baton Rouge.

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Helping As Much As Possible

Sent a few bucks to the Salvation Army to help with hurricane relief because I've never heard anything bad about them. Can't say that about the Red Cross though. My dad said he never saw them around to assist the soldiers during the war, and they had a few scandals about where their money was going during the 1989 San Fransico quake and 9/11... so I don't trust them with my money.
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