August 9th, 2005


Random Thought

My cat would make a better President than the current Texas chimpanzee currently holding the office (by fraudulent means no less)...
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It's Sad Really...

Just got an email from a "Clark" who apparently stumbled upon my "Dogpatch USA" page on my website:

"Yes I was in Branson Mo. On the red route and I notised this statue from Dogpatch.It breaks my heat to know that this treasure is being sold for scrap metal. "

One hates to see a childhood memory like that on the scrap heap, considering he has pictures of his dad posing with Dogpatch characters right behind said statue in its "heyday"...

For those too young to remember, the northeastern Arkansas theme park "Dogpatch USA" was based on Al Capp's comic strip "Lil' Abner"... (do a Google Search if still unsure)...
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