July 29th, 2005


Argh, dammit....

Apparently when I called BellSouth the other day to get my DSL lowered to their new pricing, they cut off my static IP. Several others that post on Broadband Reports lost their static IP when switched to the new lower price also. Just spent over an hour on the phone(most of the time on "hold") getting the matter straightened out. They say they are trying to get my original IP back, and it should be back within the hour.
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Missed an interview with Lynda Carter (still hot) on ABC's "20/20", because I didn't find out about it until 35 minutes after it happened on "Entertainment Tonight"... getting sick of missing things that I find out about too late, so sent an email to the "general manager" of the station that elects to air "Entertainment Tonight" at 9:30pm central:

"This is in response to KARD's timing in showing "Entertainment Tonight"... I was watching, thought the Lynda Carter story that was due to air on a rival network would have been interesting to view (even though I would have missed Teresa). By the time Entertainment Tonight alerted me a segment on 20/20 was to air, it was over. Any chance of moving "Entertainment Tonight" to a "normal" time for it, like, say 6:30pm? If not, why carry the show? Everything is over by the time it airs on Fox-14. Not to sound harsh, but by airing it "after the fact", you must be getting a "discount" on the syndication price."
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