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July 8th, 2005


(no subject)

It's July freggin' July 8th... why am I still hearing firecrackers outside?!?

Stealing from moo again... but not "really" this time....

I won't be giving prizes or anything, and this is an obscure television series instead of a movie... just curious who can identify the series this screen capture is from...

Still wishing Paramount would put it on DVD, to give my nearly 20 year old "taped off A & E" VHS's a break.
drink coffee

(no subject)


Better Late Than Never?

"Child's Play" was a better movie than I thought it might be.

Yes, tonight was my first time watching it...so shoot me! :-P

EDIT: Oooh... Jenny Agutter is in "Child's Play 2".. always thought she was teh hotness....

/marathon on Encore Channel