July 6th, 2005


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In about an hour, I'll be going to actually "sit down" and eat lunch in a restaurant for the first time in nearly 10 years. Mom took yesterday and today off from work, so today we are going to have lunch at "La Belle Vita Grill". Never eaten there before, neither has she (but she has a gift card), so hopefully they will have something I'll like.
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Wonder How They Look Now?

Two women I "enjoyed" watching around 20-25 years ago, seem to have a "shortage" of present day pictures online. I'm curious about how they look in, say, the past 3 years or so. After doing a Google image search on both, came up blank. They must be avoiding the cameras lately....

Joanne Pearce (from 1985) ...and... Jennifer Salt (from 1980)

Yes, I realize that I've had some rather "uncommon crushes" in the past... never said I was normal!
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