June 29th, 2005

harris, biden

"Hump Day" In Review

Spent part of the afternoon doing my monthly CD "backups" of things on my computer, and deleting a bunch of stuff from the hard drive afterwards, to free up space. Sucks only having a 40 GB hard drive.

Ran my weekly "spyware scans" using AdAware, Spybot, and Microshaft AntiSpyware. As usual, not even a speck of spyware in sight.

Noticed on NBC Nightly News they had two interesting stories, one about a chemical in Teflon™ that may cause cancer, then another story about "Mad Cow" disease. Didn't affect me any though, I just kept munching on the hamburger I cooked in my no-stick skillet.

Getting a little tired of all the talk on TV about the "Dumbass-In-Chief's" speech last night. I had more important things to watch last night, like 5 more episodes of "Bewitched" on the DVD set I bought Monday.

Feeling a little "jittery" at the moment... went through a pot and a half of Community Dark Roast coffee while doing the maintenence on the PC earlier... my blood stream is probably 97½% caffeine...
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harris, biden

Trolling Or Not? That Is The Question.

Someone on "TotalFark.com" asked the question, "What Firefox plugins do you guys use?"

My one word response in the comments, "Opera".

In other news, does anyone besides me think Lisa Kudrow's new series "The Comeback" sucks donkey balls? Then again, I didn't like her previous series either...yet I think she is easy on the eyes....
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(no subject)

Is it odd, if a person has a Dolby™ Digital 5.1, 100 watt per channel surround rack system with a powered subwoofer and a 27" Sony Trinitron color television to mostly be buying DVD's that are black & white and monophonic?
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