June 21st, 2005



Just got home from "Lowes" calling me and sending me for a drug test to a lab out by North Monroe Hospital. They said if hired, I'd probably start out with 25 hours a week, and build up later. Should know something by the end of next week they said.
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Remember It Like It Was Yesterday

On the "TotalFark.com" forums, someone asked the question, "What's a vasectomy cost these days?". Being I didn't have a clue even what they cost back when I had mine done, I decided to just relate my experience at the time:

"Back in 1995 when I had mine done, I had it done at a state university run hospital. Being I was under a certain income level, it cost me nothing.

Funny thing though, the consent form I signed, was one for a tubaligation, with the word "tubaligation" scratched out, and the word "vasectomy" hand written above it, because they said they rarely get the chance to do vasectomies, so they didn't have the forms for them.

Also, because the doctor actually performing the procedure was training three interns at the time, the normally 30-minute procedure took nearly an hour and a half. Went through three numbing shots during that time. Didn't complain though, since it was free."
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