June 16th, 2005


Day In Review (so far)

Went and applied at "Home Depot", "Harvest Foods", and "Cracker Barrel"(convenience store) this morning. Only the last one in that list said they might call me next week some time. *fingers crossed*

Decided to cancel the "My Space" account I started a while back, not many folks there I had much in common with, and the few that I did have something in common with, rarely posted or made comments. Plan on sticking with my "Livejournal", "Blogger", and "Yahoo 360" blogging accounts though. The "Yahoo 360" thing is currently like GMail... invite only for now, because it is still in "beta". I have some invites to shell out in case anyone wants one, just email me the address you'd like the invite sent to.

Downloaded a plug-in for my "Skype" telephony messenger that adds a video feature to Skype that it doesn't currently come with. Not sure I'll use it much though.

For some reason, I keep thinking today is Friday....

Hungry, so now going to the kitchen to fix something to munch on....
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