May 25th, 2005

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It seems, judging from responses concerning the girl in the news stories attire, that I'm overly "prudish"... I just know, if I had a daughter, there is no way she would be wearing something like that!

Also, I can't farking sleep when hot... my thermostat is turned down to 65, and no cool air is circulating... guess I've got to call "Bell Heating & Air" again tomorrow morning....
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This Day Is Sucking Already

Got up this morning, picked up the phone to call the A/C repair people, there is so much static in the line, I can barely hear the dial tone, so haven't tried to call yet, I doubt we could hear each other. On top of that, my DSL has been flaky most of the morning, either real slow, or disconnecting entirely! Guess it is the result of those bad thunderstorms that went through here last night...
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Pinheads At BellSouth

I just went and let myself in at my moms house to see if her phone was working properly. It was. So I called BellSouth to alert them to my problem. They tried calling my number and determined the problem is on their end. They also said they would have someone come out and repair it "sometime between now and Friday at 6:00pm... WTF?!?
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Fixed, At Least For The Moment...

Well, I just picked up my phone, and it appears to be working again. Also, they came out and fixed the A/C unit. Turns out, it was a bad switcher/connector thingy inside the outside unit that went bad. Don't know yet what the repair will cost, I usually just have them send a bill later.
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