May 24th, 2005



I need a new wall clock for the living room... was in there watching some of season 2 of "Rocky & Bullwinkle" on DVD (yes, I KNOW that I'm technically too old for that!), and was going to stop it at 5pm to watch the local news. Stopped it after the first side of disc one, when the clock said 4:47pm. Walked in here to see if any important emails had appeared, and the wall clock in this room, and the computer clock, both had 5:27pm.
I replaced the battery in the living room clock about a month ago, and have had to reset it three times because it was running slow. The clock is about 12 years old, guess it has seen its better days....

/a post about "nothing"...
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The local TV station just aired a locally produced story about melanoma(sp?), and showed two very young girls in a store looking at the sunblock lotion isle... one had her back turned to the camera, but had the words "Hula Girl" printed on the back of the shorts... I thought that was inappropriate... think I should send the station an email?

UPDATE: Never mind, sent them an email anyway.
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In My Opinion, That Station Needs a New News Director....

Just got this reply to my email to the station...

"Hi Albert-

Thank you for your e-mail. We always appreciate and respect viewer comments.
While I did not see the specific piece of video you are referring to, based
on what you have said, I do not have a problem with us showing that
particular shot.
Thank you again for your comments, and thank you for watching KTVE/KARD.

Tony Taglavore
News Director
200 Pavilion Road
West Monroe, LA 71292
Work: (318) 323-xxxx ext. 132
Cell: (318) 235-xxxx"
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It Just "Hit" Me...

Okay, the news director at the local station said...

"While I did not see the specific piece of video you are referring to"....

What kind of "news director" doesn't approve video before it goes out on the airwaves! He's obviously an overpaid lamer.....