April 27th, 2005


"Phishers" are pretty dumb....

Just got this email via my "albertsplace.com" email address:

"Dear eBay customer,

During our regularly scheduled account maintenance and verification procedures, we have detected a slight error in your billing information.This might be due to either of the following reasons:1. A recent change in your personal information ( i.e.change of address).
2. Submiting invalid information during the initial sign up process.
3. An inability to accurately verify your selected option of payment due to an internal error within our processors.Please update and verify your information by clicking the link below:


your account information is not updated within 48 hours then your ability to sell or bid on eBay will become restricted.

=Thank you

The eBay Billing Deptartment ."

Now, I know to verify links on these things to begin with, and I know to go DIRECTLY to a site by typing in the link manually if I'm curious and look up the account personally also... if you do that, you can confirm bogus emails easily, but it's just TOO easy to get one of these when you've never had an account with a particular company to begin with! You automatically KNOW it's bogus! I get plenty of these "supposidly" from Ebay, Citibank, Regions Bank... none of whom I've ever had accounts with in my lifetime.
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Opinion From Other LJ Friends...

A LJ Friend made a post that stated, "american idol.... who the FUCK saw that coming?!?!?!?!?!!?

I replied, "I never saw it coming... but then again, never watched "American Idol"... unless it's a talent show hosted by Chuck Barris, and Jamie Farr, Jaye P. Morgan, and Arte Johnson as the judges, I'm not interested...

/old fashioned, and stoopid"

Conceated(sp?) reply, or honest, since it's how I feel about the asinine "reality" shows on today?
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