April 26th, 2005


Awake Early

Yes, I realize I'm awake mighty early, but mom has to be at the "Ouachita Surgical Center" at 7:00am this morning. She is having outpatient surgery to remove a polyp from her nasal passages under her left eye. The entire proceedure, including prep, is expected to last 3-4 hours. Not sure I'll wait around the whole time. Being I hate sitting around medical places unless absolutely necessary, I'll probably just take moms suggestion and come home till they are finished with her, then go back then to pick her up, being the place is only about 4 miles from here.
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Yesterday, you may recall (or not) that I mentioned something about having the air conditioner folks come out. Turns out the only problem was, apparently, my uncle, who my mom pays to do our yards, weed whacked through the power cable of the outside unit. They said if the severed wires had touched, the compressor might have blown out, which would have been alot more expensive to fix. Mom said she will "have a word" with my uncle...

On moms nasal surgery, still waiting to hear back, to find out when to retrieve her from the surgical center. If things are on schedule, she should be in the "recouperation" room by now. It started raining "cats and dogs" right when we got ready to leave this morning (could barely see out the truck windshield), but now it has cleared up, and hardly any clouds in the sky.
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Update Update

Mom is home from her surgery, and doing fine. The nurses said my mom did better than some of the younger people that come in for outpatient surgery. They said a lot of the younger ones stay "under" a lot longer than mom did. Mom was up walking around just a couple hours after the surgery. On the way home, we stopped by CVS to pick up antibiotics and pain medication her doctor called in for her, then I ran her by KFC for a two piece white original recipe chicken dinner, since she was starving... hadn't eaten for several hours before the surgery. Her co-workers at the post office bought her a small flower arrangement which was delivered to the surgical center.
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