March 30th, 2005

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My mom is highly pissed at Ryan Chevrolet at the moment. They still haven't gotten the parts in for her Impala, so looks like she'll have to take tomorrow off work too. Her car has been over there since 7:30am Monday morning.
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Need My Fark Fix, Darnit!

Ever since last night, I've gotten this message when attempting to access TotalFark...

"Internal Server Error

The requested URL / on server took a dump all over itself when it was running.
Either one of us screwed up a CGI script, or someone spilled beer on the server again. Try again in a few, and we might have it fixed."

THIS is apparently what is wrong, but not being very "tech savvy", I don't have a clue what I'm reading... I just know that I'm apparently addicted to the website, and having withdrawl symptoms...
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