March 2nd, 2005


Calling Wal-Mart

Since I hadn't heard back from my Wal-Mart job interview one way or the other yet, I decided to call them back. They said the person I needed to talk to was busy, but they would leave her a message to return my call.
I just hope that bitchy, snotty manager at my last job isn't giving me a bad reference. If I find out she is, she will get a call from me she doesn't want. Woman didn't know how to run a store anyway, and was too "palsy-walsy" with the two female employees there, letting them constantly get away without doing their work and coming in late. In my opinion, the only reason "Debra Fife" got the job as manager, was not because of experience, but 99% chance she is sleeping with one of the "Moore's" that own the place!
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