February 17th, 2005

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Haunting Feeling Has Actually Happened

As soon as I discovered I had a nasty case of the flu, I said to myself, "Now watch... a job will probably call."... Sure enough, it happened a few minutes ago. Wal-Mart called, wanted me to come in for a "first interview" today.
I told the lady I found out yesterday I have the flu (still running a 99.8 fever, coughing up phlem, and drugged out on medication), but I'd still come in for the interview since I really need work. She was very nice, and told me I can call back Monday for a time to come in. She gave me her name and the phone number to call, so hopefully this crap will have left my system by then!

Maybe I should have wore one of those face masks Sunday when I took my mom to the emergency room....
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