February 11th, 2005


More Security Updates

After getting up this morning, showering, and fixing a big pot of coffee, I booted the computer to find major updates for Norton Anti-Virus and Zone Alarm firewall. The Norton patch fixes a flaw that could allow an attacker to run arbitrary code on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, and AS400 systems and Brightmail clients. If you have any Norton products, run LiveUpdate. The Zone Alarm update is just a standard security/stability update.
More on the Norton/Symantec update here...
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Eastwood Meets Furby

My mom had a "Furby" that she used to put in front of her cat every now and then, to get his reaction. Her cat eventually got used to it, so mom put the toy up in the closet. This morning, I went to her house, got the Furby, brought it home, and put some new batteries in it. I then placed it where my cat Eastwood would find it. He has been examining the thing closely, yet warily, ever since, jumping backwards whenever it starts "talking"...

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I've totally screwed up my sleep pattern for today... got sleepy around 1pm, went to take a "short nap"... woke up 6 hours later... shoulda set my clock I guess...
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Random Thought...

I can't help but think, and I even thought it back in her "Out of the Blue" days...after seeing three of her "leaked" upcoming Playboy pics, if Deborah Gibson ever needs to sit down, my face is available....

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