February 7th, 2005



Just gave the cat his last can of "Fancy Feast"....and the only food for me in the cupboard is a box of saltines.... time to get dressed and run to Wal-Mart I think....
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Enough Already!

Anyone else sick of seeing "superbowl this" and "superbowl that" constantly plastered all over the internet and television the last couple days? I know I am! Also, the regular news channels shouldn't be harping on it, because it ISN'T news.... it's a damn sporting event! Talk about it on one of the 20 or so ESPN channels instead!

/goes to take a nap...
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Canned Cat?

I bought Eastwood some more cat food while at the store early this morning, but I thought I bought "Fancy Feast", not what the receipt says!

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