December 23rd, 2004



Going to have to start closing off the computer room from the cat. I had a SVCD encoding earlier today, and since it was going to take a while to get the AVI converted, I left the computer on autopilot and made a run to the store for some Diet Pepsi. I get home, come into the room to check the progress... there is Eastwood, standing on top of the scanner staring at me, and a pop-up on the computer that said "Encoding terminated by user". I was so aggrevated I could have spit! My fault though, I guess. Even though I have caught him on the table by the computer a few times before and disiplined him each time... I should know that cats "have a mind of their own" and never listen anyway. From now on, if I'm not in this room, and the computer is on, I'm shutting the door and keeping him out!

Had to start the encoding process all over again... takes about an hour and a half to convert a half hour AVI to the correct SVCD format...not including burn time... which at 32x is rather fast.
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WTF are people doing popping firecrackers this early?!? It's only the 23rd.... those are supposed to be for New Years!

/downfall of living in a semi-rural area
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Not Keen On Holidays... But Everyone Else Is Doing It...

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