December 6th, 2004


Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Itch!

I just went outside to the utility room to put some clothes in the washing machine and got attacked by ants! At first, I wondered where they came from, being they suddenly appeared on my arms, turns out there was a horde of them crawling right above the door, on the inside. I brushed them off my arm, came inside, found two in my hair and three more on my back. Got rid of all of them on my person, not before getting four bites on my arms. Got a can of "flying insect spray"(only pesticide I have in a spray bottle) and doused them real good with the stuff. When I go out later today, I need to pick up a can of ant spray, in case the stuff I used doesn't work.....
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Waste Management

Went out to the mailbox earlier, and along with another free drink coaster from AOHell, was a bill from the garbage company "Waste Management". Now you may be thinking, "What is so odd about that?". I'll tell you. I've had a local company, "Easy Way Garbage" picking up my garbage since the early 1990's, never used Waste Management. So, thinking someone was confused, I call Easy Way. Turns out they sold their residential pick-up business to Waste Management, and they only do business pick-up now. The bill is the same price, $16.00 a month, but now I'll have to remember to put the garbage out by the road before pick-up day, because Waste Management is too lazy to go behind my house and get the garbage there like Easy Way has done all these years. If my can gets stolen, I'm making Waste Management re-imburse me(they said they aren't supplying their own cans out here "yet"). Least Easy Way could have done after all these years would have been to let me know they were switching me over!

In other news, as an unimportant update to this post from November 15th, I gave Eastwood his second worm pill today. He put up a bigger fight this time than he did three weeks ago, but I managed to shove it down his throat. Such a big fight for such a tiny pill! At least that was the last one!

Also, I have an appointment Thursday morning at 10am for an interview for a janitorial position at the mall.
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