November 2nd, 2004

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Rain and Light Switches and Voting...Oh My!

Been raining here constantly since about 2:00pm yesterday. However, I just returned from going to vote and stopping by the nearby "Fred's" store to buy a light switch (the one in the kitchen is going bad). Felt a little odd voting, since I haven't voted in two presidential election cycles.

Think, because of the weather, I'm going to take a day off from going places to apply for work, and stay in the rest of the day, and only go out if a job calls me.
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Top Ten Punchlines To Dirty Election Jokes

Top Ten Punchlines To Dirty Election Jokes

10. "With a poll like that, I'm suprised he can gallup at all."

9. "She starts chanting, 'four more minutes! four more minutes!'"

8. "That's not the voting lever, but don't stop pulling."

7. "This isn't how it looks--I'm just joining a third party."

6. I prefer Bush, but I don't know who I'll vote for."

5. "So that's where Katherine Harris was hiding the Al Gore votes."

4. "Unfortunately, his margin of error was plus or minus three inches."

3. "Get used to it, honey--we live in a swing state."

2. "I thought you had trouble maintaining an election."

1. "I saw your sister with Mary Cheney--there was no sign of Dick."

SOURCE: "Late Show With David Letterman"
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I wonder if Louisiana is the last place on Earth to be using these kinds of voting machines...?

Oh well, at least there won't be any "hanging chads" or "computer crashes"...
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