October 29th, 2004

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Some Missions Accomplished

Just got back home from "Pathology Associates" out by North Monroe Hospital, where "American Meter Services" sent me for a drug test. They say I should know something in a couple of weeks at least. Seems all the places around here have to "send off" the samples instead of doing them here.

Early this morning, I went around the yard with the canister of fire ant powder I got Wednesday and sprinkled all the mounds. This stuff is hopefully better than the "Green Light" granules I was using before, considering the price. That canister was $14.95 + tax at Tyner Petrus.

Also, day before yesterday, I was really getting annoyed by an asshat running for Senate leaving recorded messages on my answering machine twice a week "begging" for my vote. I don't vote for people who annoy me, so I shot off an email to the persons website, and got this reply this morning:

"Dear Mr. Sims,
Thank you for contacting David Vitter for Senate regarding political calls to your home. We regret this inconvenience and make every effort to remove voters from our lists upon request.
I have removed your name and number from our calling lists. Please see the information below you submitted to the campaign website and let me know if there is another phone number you want excluded.
In order to ensure that you are excluded from future calls, please respond with your name, 10 digit telephone number(s), and city for any other numbers you want to make sure are taken off our calls. I will pass your information along to our calling team.
Again, please accept our apology for this inconvenience.
David C. Coons

Hopefully I won't be pestered by that campaign anymore....
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Updating Mom

While my mom is at work, I went next door to check to see what updates need to be run on her computer. AVG and Spywareblaster needed updating, so I downloaded those updates first. Then ran Windows Update... it had 5 critical updates show up, so I have them downloading currently. I'll go back over there in about half an hour(the estimated download time on her dial-up connection) and make sure they install. She just knows the very basics of computer use, so I have to make sure she is up to date on the protection software.

UPDATE: Went back over there, the Windows Update downloaded and installed, but a notice popped up saying Zone Alarm needed an update. Another half hour to go...
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I Give Up For The Day!

Downloaded and tried to install the newer ZoneAlarm on my moms computer. When I'd try to install, I'd get two error messages:

Could not load DLL
c:\temp\vsutil.dll (WSEDBGPrint)
The specified Procedure could not be found.

Could not load DLL
c:\temp\vsutil.dll (VSSetprotection)
The specified Procedure Could Not be found.

I went through the COMPLETE uninstall procedures here in detail three times in a row. Still got the same error messages. Finally said "F*ck It, I'll mess with this another day!" and re-installed the previous version, which re-installed fine.
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